Lydia London was born in North Wales, UK in 1992. She studied Fine Art at Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne and graduated in 2016.

Lydia is multimedia artist and has exhibited in London, Newcastle Warrington and Toronto. Her work includes time-based pieces, collage and digital montage. Much of the themes she explores surround memory, dreams, hallucinations, mental health and rumination as well as nostalgia. Her video works provide a psychological space in which narratives unfold. Her work has been inspired by publications from Oliver Sacks as well as various neurological and psychological theories combined with personal reflections, poems and writings. Guided by her exploration of the human psyche and the creation of unsettling and strange interiors, Lydia’s work presents a stage for these emotions and inner questions to play out. 

She previously lived and worked in Toronto and travelled around Canada visiting both the East and West coast to experience the varied environments of the different provinces. She recently showed a piece entitled Recollecting and Disconnecting at Neilson Park Creative Centre, Etobicoke in the exhibition, Recalling. Lydia also exhibited a piece entitled Uncomfortable Fit as part of Impact 2018 which was also held at Neilson Park Creative Centre, Etobicoke.

Lydia now lives and works in Scotland.